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Control and Lighting
Q: Do you provide a remote control with your fans?

Of course. All of our fans come with a modern RF remote control which allows you to control the fan’s speed (6 speeds), reverse operation (to improve heating system efficiency) and light (when the optional light kit is selected).

Q: Do you support home automation / building management systems control?

We sure do! NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH OUR SMART “WIFI” OPTION (Alexa, Google, Siri, Nest, etc - to be released later this year). Our optional home automation controller allows full integration of our fans with commercial building management systems.

Q: Can I use a wall switch to control the fan?

Of course. Our optional switch controller connects to various switches (we recommend the help of a certified electrician).

Q: Do your fans come with lights?

They do if you want them to. All of our fans can be fitted with the optional LED light kit, just make sure to add the right kit in the accessories section to your shopping cart.

Q: How easy is it to install my Aeratron fan?

It’s a breeze! Simply download our step-by-step installation guide. Still, we always recommend the help of a certified electrician.

Q: Can I install your fans on a raked / sloped ceiling?

Definitely. Our Raked Ceiling Kit combined with our Extension Rod will allow you to easily install any of our fans on any type of raked ceiling, just make sure you add the right kit and extension rod to your shopping cart.

Q: Can I install your fans on high/lofty ceilings?

Same here – our extension kit and extension rod allow easy installation of any of our fans on any type of ceiling height – you can add those to your shopping cart here.

Q: Do I need an electrician to install my fan?

All of our fans were designed to allow an easy DIY installation; still, some jurisdictions require a certified electrician to do the installation. We always recommend to use an electrician as you work with high voltage.

Energy Consumption & Efficiency
Q: What makes your fans so efficient?

Our fans are rated MOST EFFICIENT 2013-2020 by ENERGY STAR, and we earned this rating by focusing on 3 key elements:
         1. Forefront technology – our patented Self-Balancing System keeps the fan from wobbling and reduces energy consumption by up to 50%
         2. Organic blade design – a unique blade design inspired by nature with winglets to ensure an even airflow, minimal noise, and optimal efficiency.
         3. Latest motor technology - our motors and PCBs are design to provide maximal output at minimal power consumption.

Q: How much energy do Aeratron fans consume in comparison to traditional fans?

Our fans use only one tenth to one quarter of the energy compared to an ordinary AC ceiling fan.

Q: How can your fans help me save energy during the wintertime?

All of our fans have a reverse-function that circulates warm air back towards the floor without blowing air at you. The reverse airflow causes an even air and temperature distribution in your room which boosts heating system efficiency and therefore saves energy (and money). Our fans were proven to reduce the energy consumption of heating systems by 50% during winter (while operating in conjunction with an existing heating / AC systems).

Shipping and Returns
Q: Do you ship worldwide?

We only sell direct in USA and Canada. For any information regarding international shipping and return policy please contact your local distributor

Q: How long will it take for my fan to arrive?

We always try to dispatch orders on the same day or if not possible the day after. A normal shipment takes 2-4 days but sometimes delays are unavoidable and out of our hands (e.g.force majeure).

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