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Independently proven by the University of Sydney (IEQ Lab), Aeratron fans create silent, comfortable conditions for living and working without unpleasant swirling noises and wobbling sounds created by conventional fans.

A great way for a healthy, more productive environment.

“Gold” @ International Design Awards,
Residential Sustainable Design,
Los Angeles 2011

“Design Award” @ The Australian International Design Awards,
Interior and Architectural Products,
Melbourne 2011

We designed the world’s most eco-efficient and silent ceiling fans available in the market including our newly developed LED lights (optional).

The fans’ silent rotation uses only 10% of the energy of a conventional ceiling fan and combined with air conditioning or heating systems, cooling costs can be cut back by up to 50% in summer and heating costs up to 30% in winter.

A great way to contribute to a sustainable future.

The noiseless movement of our fan blades is the result of bionic engineering inspired by bird wings.

The optimised contours of our 3-D aerofoil blades have small winglets designed to create a very even, smooth airflow and to eliminate air vortex drag and swirl (strong wind tunnels).

And our Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium.

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